About Us


The most reliable way of getting in touch with us is via email. Simply send mail to fringe@andrew.cmu.edu, and we'll get back to you! 

Social Media

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Exec Board

If you have a specific question, feel free to address it to one of our  exec board members. You can find their email addresses via the CMU Directory

Executive Board

Gordon Wissenger  ---  President

Joseph Glanzberg  --- Secretary

Harper Weigle  ---  Treasurer

Eleanor Seiler  ---  PR Chair

Brevin Mixon  --- IM Chair

Tishya Girdhar --- Social Chair

Jake Rothschild --- Social Chair

Megan Henriksen --- Booth Chair 

Mike Wang --- Booth Chair

Luis Ortega --- Booth Chair 

Emilie Harold --- Buggy Chair

Natalie Herrmann --- Buggy Chair

Diya Nuxoll --- Head Mechanic

Dave Singh --- Head Mechanic 

Evan Schindewolf --- Push Captain 

Helen Cheng --- Push Captain 

Amy Chen --- Head Driver